May 18, 2020

The present moment is filled with Joy and Happiness.

If you are attentive you will see it.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Peace of mind: it can really seem like a battle these days.  It can be easy to feel under siege in our homes, and sometimes hard to imagine calm and equanimity, let...

April 27, 2020

Happy are they who learn to bear what they cannot change.

-Friedrich Schiller

I have taken my share of punches to the head and kicks to the gut.  Some of them have really rung my bell, or left me fighting for breath.

I would be lying if I said that there haven't been...

January 13, 2020

​​"If you could only sense how important you are

to the lives of those you meet; 

how important you can be 

to people you may never even dream of. 

There is something of yourself that you leave 

at every meeting with another person.”
​-Fred Rogers​

Mr. Rogers was not an Army...

December 31, 2019

Is there anything in the world that is at once as noble and as endangered as New Year's resolutions?  Various polls and studies show that only 10 to 25 percent of people keep the promises they set for themselves when the calendar changes.  That makes hearing about my f...

October 7, 2019

"It ain't about how hard ya hit. 

It's about how hard you can get hit 

and keep moving forward....

That's how winning is done!”
-Rocky Balboa

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I have some very paternal, protective instincts when it comes to the kids I teach....

September 23, 2019

Only the weak are cruel.
Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”
Leo Buscaglia


There is perhaps no human quality more sought-after, and yet less understood, than strength.

Strength is, simply, essential to our survival.  It is the quality that allow us as ind...

August 19, 2019

"Real living is living for others."

– Bruce Lee

We recently went to the movies to see “Once Upon a Time…. In Hollywood”, Quentin Tarantino’s “love letter to Old Hollywood”, as more than a couple critics have described it.  (We all enjoyed it, and do indeed recommend it t...

June 10, 2019

"Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going."
-Jim Ryun


Life gives us a lot to think about.  Every day, in ways big and small, there are questions to be answered, puzzles to be solved, obstacle courses to be navigated.  If we also had to expend...

April 30, 2019

One important key to success is confidence.

One important key to confidence is preparation.

-Arthur Ashe

For the past two months now, eighteen of our warriors--kids and adults, students of Karate and Kickboxing-- have been deep in the midst of a true rite of passage in ou...

March 11, 2019

Whether you think you can

or think you can't,

you're right.

-Henry Ford

You’ll notice a lot of violent battles being waged in our Dojo these days.  The combatants are dedicated martial artists taking on their own self-doubts and preconceived notions of their abilities.  Th...

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“Every victorious warrior
draws his strength
from the highest source:
his love.” 
― Tapan Ghosh

Take that sentence, turn the pronouns from masculine to...

Warrior Moms

May 12, 2019

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