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My Experience Through Karate

The Family That Is The Dojo

By Charlie Himmel

    Karate has had a lasting impact on my lifestyle at home and at school.  When I started at The Dojo at the age of six I had no self control and was getting struck hard by my ADHD.  Since the beginning there have been impacts in my attention span and ability to focus and stay on topic.  There have been changes from this on the way I can react appropriately to problems and it has helped my grades at school. 


    Through karate at The Dojo I have found a community that is willing to help each other when things take a turn in the wrong direction.  When my mom got cancer four years ago now The Dojo ran a kickathon to raise money for my family.  Through The Dojos community I have been able to make friendships to last a lifetime and a supporting uplifting community. 


    I have found this throughout my many years at The Dojo and it has truly helped me achieve my best in everyday life and allow others to do the same.  When I had reached lows during our years in covid conditions I could always look forward to the outside lessons and the online ones as well.  Karate has built my confidence because I know that I can do all these techniques so I can survive in different situations where a bad thing happens. 

    One of my favorite experiences is the demo team which I recently joined and have been working with.  In the Demo team we create performances to showcase karate in action. Have also been grateful for the ability to do bootcamp this past month because it has allowed for me to wake up well it is still cool outside and go workout and take a run with a community of people that love me.  The instructors take time out of their day to allow us to become better at something we love with the people that love us. 


    So far this last belt has probably been my favorite because it has brought me through the pandemic and a lot of struggle to relearn some of the dojo curriculum.  This belt has helped me learn patience, persistence, and resilience through some of the hardest years I have faced.    Having done karate for more than half my life at this point has truly changed me into the fourteen year old I am today. 


    The Dojo has truly been a second home and a second family through the hardships and struggle in life and has shown me to express yourself to the full and to take chances because they will always be there for you.  Through the good, through the bad, through your life, as role models and heroes, but most importantly as your family. As people you can look up to and celebrate.  The kind of people who want you to be your best, and will love you through the worst.  These are the people who are around you at the dojo.  These are the people in your family.  This is what the dojo is and always will be for me. 

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