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Why I Love Martial Arts

By Atticus Bouse

    When I started karate, it was during the pandemic. It was harder than I expected. But through attending classes online and outside, I learned that it would be worth it if I stuck with it and became a black belt. I saw a lot of students who were ahead of me, and I wanted to be like them. They inspired me to focus more and work hard.

    As I kept promoting, I realized it was very do-able to become a black belt and I could imagine how great that would feel and be.

    About a year after starting karate, I joined the STORM team and became a joshu. I took on more responsibilities. Teaching those young kids could sometimes be a challenge, but I knew it would help me in becoming a black belt. I learned patience and how to take on more responsibility. When I saw one of my students master a certain move, I realized that one day they could become a black belt, too. I felt glad that I could be there with a student on their karate journey. 

          Now, since starting black belt bootcamp, I am also getting very strong physically. For a while in my life, I have wanted to get stronger and be a black belt. By coming to boot camp and going to the test I think I can accomplish those two things at the exact same time. Plus becoming a black belt could help you with your future life.

    I think achieving a better mind while becoming a black belt is as important as getting fit. Let’s say you’ve been having depression and you want to find something fun to do to take your mind off it, so you decide karate and you notice it really helps. Helping you calm down and stay in a happy mood whilst becoming a black belt, now that’s even cooler. 

    Now think about this for a second, there is this kid in your class that’s really bothering you and upsetting you, now this is where karate comes in and greatly helps you get rid of that inner rage inside of you. 

Let me give you an example from my perspective. At the most recent tournament I signed up for sparring for the first time. Since it was my first time, I got crushed in the first round by this really good kid. He made me angry on the inside and I used that anger to win me third instead of fourth.


    Also, later in the competition at the board breaking event which I had done before came. It took me a couple of tries on some of them, but I used that stored anger inside of me to win the board breaking event. This shows that karate can fix both your mental and physical state.

    Two of my two main reasons I want to be a black belt and that it fixes both your mental and physical state. I am very proud of myself and my fellow black belt candidates. 


   Thank you Master Shihan and to all the instructors. 

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