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My Kickboxing Black Belt Journey

By Michael Sekelsky

My kickboxing adventure started when I decided to try out the kickboxing classes after getting my black belt in kempo. It was hard at first to move away from the stuff I had learned in kempo, there were many practices that were muscle memory to me that I had to stop. I had to put my hands up on guard instead of at my sides. Over time however I grew to love the kickboxing fighting style more than the kempo and fully adopted kickboxing.


Life can be overwhelming, and it often feels like we're carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Kickboxing has become my pressure valve, a place where I can release all of my pent-up stress. The feeling of landing a powerful punch or delivering a high kick is incredibly cathartic. It allows me to shed the stress and worries that cling to me.


Initially, I joined the kickboxing classes with the intention of getting in shape and perhaps learning some self-defense. But what kept me coming back was the sheer enjoyment I found in every class. It didn't take long for the chore of exercise to become a fun pastime. It was no longer about feeling obligated to attend; it was about eagerly anticipating the fun and excitement that awaited me.


Kickboxing isnt just about me against the punching bag. It is a group effort. The support, encouragement, and shared laughter with fellow kickboxers create a sense of community that makes each class not just a workout but a social gathering. This is one of the reasons I was hooked by these classes – it was like hanging out with friends, only with a lot more sweat involved!


Kickboxing was more than just a sport, it is a stress-free zone. It is a place where I can set aside the worries of the day, leave the stresses at the door, and immerse myself in the world of kicks and punches. The act of training became a kind of moving meditation, a way to clear my mind and recharge my mental batteries.

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