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My Black Belt Journey

By Frances LeFave

My name is Frances LeFave. My black belt journey began one day when my mom asked me if I wanted to do karate. I was excited for the opportunity to do karate but also nervous.  I was 4 when I started karate. I have been doing karate for 5 years. I started as a dragon white belt and am now going to boot camp to become a junior black belt. It is an honor to finally be a junior black belt candidate doing what I love to do.  I might be young, but I am brave. I want to do karate in my life forever.  


My first instructor was Sensei Zach.  I had my introduction class with him. When Sensei Zach taught me during dragon class, he taught me very clearly.  He helped me get to advents’ dragons It is important for me to know the details of my forms, strikes and kicks. I want to make them look good and to get them crisp and sharp. I am lucky to have all my instructors help me learn new things and get the things I know to be better.


To be a black belt is a privilege. It means a lot to me to become a black belt. You must work hard each time you’re in The Dojo. If you don’t work hard, you don’t get ahead. You must never give up keeping your goal in your mind. You must have spirit in what you do.


Karate is a fun interest of mine because I get to get each belt with my instructors and my friends. I have met some great friends in karate. Karate shows me how to defend myself and others if it is necessary. I like what Shihan Kendall has taught me to never use my karate unless I absolutely must. From my first class I have learned “Peace Over Power”.


I like when I am challenged because I don’t always get it right the first time, but I always keep trying. Karate is not easy, but it is not meant to be easy. It helps you to push your limits. You must do stuff that is hard for you and that’s working to be a black belt. When you do stuff that you are not so good at you practice and get better and better each time. I have always wanted to be a black belt and I am advancing in what I have always wanted to do. I try hard and work hard to make my karate look good. The black belt journey is an experience I am happy to be part of.


I was inspired by other black belts when I was a younger dragon. I really enjoyed watching the older black belts doing cool kicks and strikes. I was inspired watching them work hard and learn new forms. I knew that one day I would get there and achieve my black belt goal.


I am here now, and my next question is, “When can I get my second-degree junior black belt?”

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