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My Martial Arts Journey

By Keegan Rooney

When I started karate, we had to do it outside because of Covid. Doing karate outside was really distracting because other kids were playing on the playground. It was hard for me to learn. When I started karate I liked meeting a lot of new people. When I first started karate it was hard to go in without my mom. For my first promotion, I got a video from Shihan Kendall. He had really nice things to say. I was really excited for my first promotion in the Dojo because it was fun but scary because there were a lot of people. I was worried about doing the demonstrations during the promotion but after I was very proud. Karate helps me to focus and stay calm. Karate helps me to learn about my body.


I felt scared at my first dragons class because there were a lot of people who were already blackbelts and they knew a lot already and they were going really hard on their combinations. But I felt safe because I was with my friends who were also my rank and they weren't going as hard on their combinations. When I moved up to juniors I felt proud because I was still with my friends and I got to learn new forms, kempos, combinations, and grabs that helped me to focus and work harder. When I got to juniors I was happy to be with some of my friends and be the same rank so we could work on the same things. Working on my forms and practicing at home was really hard for me. The hardest thing so far was learning new stuff and having to memorize it. One thing that was really fun was playing games at the end of class. My favorite games are zombie tag and steal the bacon.


I felt excited when I moved to boot camp because it's fun and I’ve been waiting to get my blackbelt. Running was difficult to do, but it's still fun. I didn't think I could run that far but running has taught me that I can run far distances and that it takes discipline that the student creed talks about.


What getting my black belt means to me:


Getting my black belt means alot to me. My martial arts journey has been tough and hard and kinda like hard to practice at home. I had a lot of days when I did not want to go to karate. I told my mom I didn’t want to do karate anymore. It was getting really hard. I didn’t have the courage. I went anyway. It got easier. I am more confident now. I’m really excited to get my black belt because I can help my friends if they need help. They can count on me more. Getting my black belt proves to me that I am strong. I am intelligent. I can do a lot of things that I want if I work hard. Getting my black belt shows me I am powerful. Getting my black belt means I am more brave and confident. I am excited and proud to get my black belt because it shows me how when I work hard it pays off. Having my black belt means I can keep myself safe. I can release the beast inside me if someone is trying to hurt me. But I will always try to choose peace.

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