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Black Belt Essay
By Rocco Firmani

    Oh hi there...I was wondering if you want to learn how to become a better person like I did through Black Belt Boot Camp? I have learned that you need to be responsible with your things. You don’t do anything halfway, ever! Another thing I learned is that you don’t give up on other people. By doing all of these steps, it is a start to becoming a better person. 


    The first thing I learned at Boot Camp is being responsible. An example of this is not forgetting anything that you need for Boot Camp like your sparring gear, boards and a water bottle. The second example is don't rely on your parents to remember your things. For the third example, if you lose something it is your fault, not your parents or your sibling or friends. The fourth example, don’t forget anything in class because you will be responsible for it. You can show your responsibility by following through if your instructor tells you to practice something at home, or by tying your belt correctly.  The last way to show that you are responsible is by showing up on time and not being late. I’ve become more responsible because of Black Belt Boot Camp.   

    The second thing I learned at Boot Camp is don’t do anything halfway. An example of that is when you are doing push-ups, you don't go down a little bit, you go all the way down and back up. Another example of this is if you are running, you don't slow down at the finish line, you go as fast as when you started. Another good example is after you go past the finish line you keep on moving or do a form but do it like you mean it, don't do it lazy, do it like you’re in class. Another way to not do anything halfway is if you are trying to break a board, give it your all and really try to break it! I have learned to not do anything halfway, whether that be at The Dojo, at Boot Camp, or at home.


    The third thing I learned at Boot Camp is to not give up on other people. An example of that is if someone gets hurt, you don’t just run right past them, you stop and help them or wait for them. Another example is if someone can’t do something, you cheer them on until they do it. Another good example is if you are working self-defense with a classmate and they need help or forget something, you try to help them. I have learned not to give up on other people.


    These are all the things I learned at Black Belt Boot Camp. It is important to be responsible with all of the things that I own. A good person does not do anything halfway ever, whether in The Dojo or at home or at boot camp. I learned to not give up on other people such as friends, family or people that need help. All of these things I learned at Boot Camp have helped me be a better person. Has hearing this helped you be a better person?  

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