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I have been yelling  out "The black belt creed" with all the other black belt candidates loud and proud over the past few years. The other day I was looking at the back belt creed and realized that I say that I will develop “indomitable spirit". Do I know what indomitable spirit really is? Do I have an indomitable spirit?  If not, how can I develop an indomitable spirit?


What does indomitable spirit mean? Indomitable spirit is that part of a person which provides hope, strength and courage.  Indomitable spirit is perseverance on a long term basis to conquer challenges and meet demands. Having an indomitable spirit does not mean that you don’t fail. It means that when you fail, you learn from it, and you keep on going.


One way of building your indomitable spirit is through the practice of being positive.Train yourself to see the good things in your life. This includes being grateful for things that go wrong as well as the things that are going right. We learn from all of it.


Having an indomitable spirit you will learn to bounce back from difficult things. When you fall, you get up and dust yourself off and try again. When things get difficult as they will, you should not give up. Be persistent and keep pushing. As black belts, we have used our indomitable spirit by  coming to class after class learning  combinations, knife techniques and jujutsus and the dreaded forms.


Acquiring an indomitable spirit takes practice. You need to  push your physical, emotional and psychological limits. Take on challenges as a means to become stronger. Do not avoid challenges because you are afraid of embarrassment, pain or failure. The joy is in the road to success, not just the final destination. I have a fear of breaking boards because I am afraid of getting hurt, but with practice and by building confidence, I know I will succeed in breaking the boards for boot camp. 


Our friends and teachers can help us grow a stronger indomitable spirit. Remember, you aren’t doing it alone. You learn  from everyone around you. Watch the people with indomitable spirit getting back on the mat time and time again practicing old skills and fixing mistakes. Ask for help, get encouragement and support from people around you. These people will boost you up by sharing their experience and positive energy.  I have learned so much from higher belts as well as other candidates in boot camp by working with them, asking questions and even just watching them on the mat.


Do I have an indomitable spirit? Yes I do! Look at me. I am here getting my 2nd degree black belt. I never thought I would be able to do that. Do you know how much stuff I needed to remember? Holy smokes, it is so much!  Now, here at boot camp, I am the oldest on the mat and in the front line. Every week I come and stand in the front line and I think that takes an  indomitable spirit.  I would much rather be in the back, behind someone else, so when I make a mistake not everyone would see me. I try to be positive and grateful for all I have. I am very  thankful for the life that I have, great friends, a great family and I am healthy enough to do everything that I love doing. I bounce back from things that get me down. I brush off  my bad days and thoughts. It is my goal in boot camp to thank everyone who corrects me with a smile and keep on moving forward. Now, I can yell out “ The BlackBelt Creed” with everyone else in total confidence.

Indomitable Spirit

By Dawn Boudreau

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