• Shihan Kendall

Warrior Moms

“Every victorious warrior draws his strength from the highest source: his love.” ― Tapan Ghosh

Take that sentence, turn the pronouns from masculine to feminine, and replace the words "victorious warrior" with "mother", and if anything that declaration becomes all the more true. We who aspire to be true warriors in life don't need to look any further than mothers for inspiration. So, on this Mothers Day, five characteristics shared by both moms and great martial artists:

The first, FEROCITY, is perhaps the most obvious. Pretty much everyone knows not to let a mother catch you messing with her cubs. Those that don't either learn fast or get their gene pool pass revoked.

Any battle veteran can only be in awe of the RESILIENCE of a mom. For nine months, a mother grows another human being inside of her. That phase does not end with a "congratulations, go get some R&R", but rather long years making sure that child survives and grows and thrives in the outside world. It is the ultimate test of stamina.

Just like a warrior doesn't face battle for their own interest alone, a mother's drive is the product of true SELFLESSNESS. At any given moment in our lives--the times we find ourselves on a summit, or the times we're just keeping our heads above water--we are standing on a rock made of sacrifices big and small made by the woman who made us.

Such a long and vigilant watch isn't undertaken with out a lot of WISDOM being accrued along the way. Yes, every son and daughter has done more than their share of eye-rolling at times, but is there anyone who hasn't realized -- even if it takes years -- that much of what Mom told us was indeed rooted in the profound truth that only comes from years of important and challenging work (namely, raising you)?

Finally, and most importantly, is that "highest source" of strength for a mother: LOVE. The fight of a true warrior isn't against what they hate, but in the name of what they love. That love is their shield and their sword; it's their super power.

From all of us at the Dojo to all those Super Warriors who make it all possible, we send you our awe, our admiration and our thanks. Happy Mother's Day.


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