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Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Dedicated to our Dojo's newest Black Belts...

You stand today on a mountain top

Looking out on a world opened up

With endless possibilities

Doors once locked, to which you found keys.

To get here, a journey of many years

Sweat and tears, conquered fears

Doubts you faced along the way

Demons that you had to slay.

You were never alone; you traveled with others.

Fellow warriors, now sisters and brothers.

There were victories won, lessons learned,

Every one, so hard-earned.

It's not a road that many take

This path of challenge for challenge sake

The are few who know the thrill of the fight

Or have seen the view from this great height.

Enjoy the view and some hard-earned rest

'Cause you have passed your Black Belt Test!

Allow yourself to savor the glory.

As you reflect on this chapter of your story.

And, of course, in the course of time

There will be other mountains to climb.

You're a Black Belt; it's what you do And this world you look out at looks to you

For now more than ever what we need

Good, strong people like you to lead.

To fight for right, stick up for the weak, To help others climb their own peak.

It's a tall order, but you are ready.

You're tough and true, brave and steady.

Whatever the battle, you will not fear it.

Because you have Indomitable Spirit.

The Mountaintop
The Mountaintop

May 8, 2021

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