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The Value of Building a Routine

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

We are creatures of habit. But what makes us even more special as a species is the ability to build and repeat a series of behaviors and even add intention.

That’s what a routine is all about; repeated action was done over a period of time, fueled by intent that eventually creates sustained behavior.

How does routine-building tie into the way we live our lives?

We can see patterns of routines scattered within our daily schedule. We have morning routines, meal prep and eating routines, study routines, martial arts routines, work routines, evening routines, and other routines we build for non-basic activities.

We set a daily routine so that we automatically know what we are set to do for the day.

A routine is not meant to add pressure or overwhelm you. It’s meant to be a guidepost for you to get things done while conserving your time, energy, and other forms of resources. The key is to create a schedule that works for you to help you be more productive, in control, and be your most optimal self.

Lower stress levels

When we have a daily routine, we don't have to make as many decisions each day. When we are uncertain about the number of tasks we need to get done, we get overwhelmed. And as a result, we stress out.

Building a convenient yet efficient routine that works for you can give a feeling of being in control and allows you to know exactly what you need to complete for the day.

Creating good daily habits

Repetition is the key to developing good habits. Being used to a certain routine helps us to enjoy a sense of flow throughout the day. Following a routine like working out every morning or eating breakfast before anything else will help your body adjust and prepare for what lies ahead.


Customizing our routine teaches us to prioritize doing the most important tasks first and picking what is most essential to us. Through this, we can focus on what’s in front of us rather than stressing about tasks that are still far from their deadline.

We also don't have to make sudden decisions daily since we've carefully planned what we need to do and in what order it must be done.

Saves time, our most valuable resource

Time is indeed the most valuable resource that we can't take back or restore once wasted.

Building a routine helps us save more time and help us become more efficient. We finish more tasks while still giving our bodies the rest we need. We can also incorporate self-care in our daily routines to treat our bodies for the hard work we did.

Increased productivity

Building a routine increases our productivity. When we stick to our schedule, we save time which then allows us to have some time to spare. We can combat procrastination, and build our momentum to work freely.

This routine becomes embedded into our system without us knowing it. So if you still don’t have a routine, you can now consider creating one to be more productive, focused, and efficient!

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