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Top Martial Arts Fiction Books to Read

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Top Martial Arts Fiction Books to Read
Top Martial Arts Fiction Books to Read

For all fans of martial arts, a good selection of fighting fiction is obvious reading whether you like kung fu, action, adventure, or something in between. There’s no shame in being a bookworm, in fact, you might even learn some Martial Arts tips and tricks inside the pages!

We are offering you FIVE Martial Arts Fiction Books to read in your spare time. Enjoy, learn, and get ready for a roller coaster ride!

Sensei: A Connor Burke Martial Arts Thriller

If you’re a big fan of Thriller books, we have one from John Donohue on top of our list. The Connor Burke Martial Arts Book Series includes Sensei, Deshi, Tengu, Kage, and Enzan.

Sensei is the first part of this book series which is all about a master-less samurai who’s traveling across the country systematically murdering martial arts masters in ritualized combat. Connor Burke, a part-time college teacher, will be involved in the investigation and follow the trails of clues to find the ruthless killer who calls himself Ronin. Find out what happens next by reading it here.

You never know, you might even finish the whole series!

A Sudden Dawn: A Martial Arts Novel – Goran Powell

Are you a fan of epic historical fiction novels? Those kinds of novels bring you to a rollercoaster ride of emotions because of their plot twists?

You might want to consider reading A Sudden Dawn by Goran Powell. This multi-awarded novel has been IP's Living Now Awards gold winner, eLit Awards gold winner, and USA Best Book award winner in the year 2011. A Sudden Dawn is a refreshing take on the mythical origins of Kung Fu with a good pace, enjoyable interpretation of legendary characters, and wonderfully written adventures during the long journey across Asia.

The Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi

Different elements come in a martial arts battle. The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi should be on your list if you love books that are full of wisdom and insightful texts.

The Book of Five Rings dives into the process of conflict resolution and mastery that underpins all human interactions. For Musashi, martial arts was more about mental mastery than physical strength, and it is this route to mastery that is the main message in The Book of Five Rings. You should check it out.

Where Tigers Roam: An epic tale of adventure in the Far East – Augustus John Roe

If you’re more into adventures and epic tales, we have another recommendation for you!

Where Tigers Roam by Augustus Roe follows the path of a teenage brother and sister Peter and Sophie Wallace. In an all-or-nothing quest for family, revenge, atonement, and escape, the two go on epic travels through the highlands' forests and mountains, surviving against foes and the wilderness.

Purchase Where Tigers Roam here.

The Eleventh Son: A Novel of Martial Arts and Tangled Love - Long Gu

To finish off our martial arts fiction books recommendations, we have The Eleventh Son by Long Gu. Xiong Yaohua a.k.a. Gu Long is a Chinese novelist, screenwriter, film producer, and director. He is best known for his works that have been adapted into films and television series.

The Eleventh Son is all about Xiao Shiyi Lang - the Eleventh Son, known as the Great Bandit. The author brings us to Xiao’s breathtaking journey to fulfill his mission and be with the love of his life. This is a good novel with characters in the world of martial arts that probes the ideas of love, culture, and the problems that arise from living a compartmentalized life. This book is intriguing as some of his other works so maybe you can also check it out!

Be a Book Warrior

Get hooked on these awesome reads and believe in the power that a good story can hold. The list of books above is for anyone with a taste for action and adventure. Maybe you’re friends, family, martial arts buddy would love it too!

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