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Top Martial Arts Non-Fiction Books to Read

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Top Martial Arts Non-Fiction Books to Read
Top Martial Arts Non-Fiction Books to Read

Learning martial arts can occur through any medium. It can be training one on one, applying to a program, watching videos, tutorials, and documentaries, or even just simply reading. While nothing will ever take the place of traditional class training, there are times when a book can be an excellent training partner.

Yes! You heard me right - reading. We listed FIVE Martial Arts Non-Fiction Books full of information and relevant knowledge on different martial arts styles that are perfect if you want a good read. Check them out!

Karate on a Cushion: A Journey into Zen by Goran Powell

The book’s author Goran Powell is a freelance writer and Goju Ryu Karate 5th Dan. He’s known for his written works that bring aspects of martial arts, along with realistic combat.

Karate on a Cushion is all about his journey that led to a new dojo, a new sensei, and a Zen master who traced his origins back to the first patriarch of Zen and martial arts, Bodhidharma. This book is fresh and enlightening and the author truly gives his readers new insights into the material. Through this book, you might also discover what sitting on a cushion and staring at a wall could reveal about martial arts and life.

Krav Maga Professional Tactics: The Contact Combat System of the Israeli Martial Arts by David Kahn

Whether you’re new to martial or already a professional, learning a new skill set is very beneficial. Ever heard of Krav Maga?

Israeli Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israel Defense Forces. Krav maga training shares the same principles for civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel alike to deliver them away from harm. Learn about mindsets, reactions, and tactics in response to violence, highest-level counters, ground survival tactics, and much more relevant information by reading it here.

The Way of Sanchin Kata: The Application of Power by Kris Wilder

If you’re more of a Karate fan, we have an option for you!

The Way of Sanchin Kata takes you to new depths of practice by breaking down the form piece by piece, body part by body part so that the very foundation of the kata is revealed. Every chapter, concept, and application is accompanied by a test section that’s designed for you to explore and verify the Kata for yourself.

The Way of the Modern Warrior: Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century by Stephen F. Kaufman

The Way of the Modern Warrior is a description of Japan's toughest soldiers' samurai ideology, or Bushido, which has been practiced for 1,000 years. Hanshi Kaufman, the author, has been a fighter for 50 years, first in the military, then as a military counselor, and ultimately as one of the world's most illustrious martial arts philosophers. He has accumulated the wisdom that comes from his years of experience.

In this book, learn how to apply bushido philosophy and long-standing samurai strategies to your modern-day practice and lifestyle in this guide from a former soldier and martial arts expert.

Shin Gi Tai: Karate Training for Body, Mind, and Spirit by Michael Clarke

To finish up our set of worth-reading non-fiction books, we present Shin Gi Tai, by Michael Clarke. A book that’s full of knowledge perfect for adult martial artists to discover traditional karate using the mind, technique, and body.

If a karate-ka is to find a sense of balance within his body, his mind (shin) must be established before his technique (gi) (tai). While the mental and physical parts of karate are intimidating and drive many people to give up, if you can simply get through the early years, perhaps the first decade, you can reap significant and long-term rewards.

Read, Practice, and be a Master

So, which book are you eyeing to purchase? We are hoping that this list has helped you out in choosing the best non-fiction martial art book for you.

Each book has its tips, expertise, and tricks to teach you. It’s just a matter of enjoying the book while still learning a lot of good stuff from a martial artist to a martial artist. Enjoy!

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