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Black Belt Essay

By Noah Hauck

My name is Noah Hauck, and this promotion to become a black belt means that I have achieved something. I achieved something with the friends that pushed me along the way. Without my friends I could never have gotten through boot camp, and it would’ve been impossible. This black belt promotion means that I was in good enough shape to be able to go on multiple runs and push myself (with help) to do more work in order to get the promotion. The physical activity that challenged me made me feel tired but accomplished. This Belt got me in better shape than I’ve ever been.


  On the journey towards the black belt I learned that I can’t just sit around to achieve greatness; I have to get up and work. I need to put effort into everything you do, and if I don’t and I’m lazy, nothing goes to plan.


It takes a lot to achieve a black belt. I will be physically challenged and pushed all the way. I need to conserve as much energy as possible. When I am not at boot camp I need to keep running and keep pushing. It takes resilience, responsibility, strength, and courage to challenge myself like this. It is enjoyable at times and is tough at others. I need to be able to push through the adversity and keep going. It also takes emotional stability as well because sometimes I think I may not make it. When I feel that I tell myself “Don’t stop, you’ll make it.” That's what kept me running. That is what it takes to earn a black belt.

“I will grow every day in Mind, Body and Spirit. I will be my best in every way, and help others do the same. I will use my Power for Peace, and always be kind and respectful. I will develop Black Belt Excellence through Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Self Control, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit.”


     That is the student creed. This creed means I will grow and develop in positive ways and always think of others before myself. It means I will be a good, respectful, and humble person. I will always be the first one to raise my hand to volunteer an answer or to demonstrate something. If a local homeless shelter needs help, I will be there. I will help others achieve greatness and won’t take credit.


    The responsibilities of owning and being a black belt are that I will use my knowledge of self defense responsibly. I will only use my techniques when they are absolutely necessary. I will teach lower belts what they need to know properly. All of the things I have learned in the past, I will help others learn the same. Being a black belt means I will have integrity and will be humble as well as respectful.


    Being at the dojo with all the friends and others who have supported and guided me to this belt was one of the most happy parts of my life. When I started as a White belt I thought I might not have fit in and I might have quit after a few days, but I made friends quickly. Those friends helped me earn this belt a lot faster. The times I had playing games at the end of class of juniors, and doing monkey in the middle was the most fun I had at that age. Learning all of the basics and advanced techniques was all a part of the long and enjoyable process of earning this belt.


    All of this is what being a black belt means to me. This promotion will be one of the most proud memories of my past when I grow up. I hope that everyone else will be proud of me too.

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