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        Every stage of a child's development offers its own challenges and opportunities.  The Dojo's children's programs are designed to bring out the best of our kids at every age.

PANTHERS (Ages 3 and 4)

 First and foremost, our Panther classes give our youngest students a fun and positive way to channel their amazing energy. Our Panthers learn through play geared towards developing motor skills and sharpening focus.

 Besides focus, our classes also reinforce in these young martial artists key values like respect, manners, and self-control. For generations, children have seen benefit from martial arts training and we thoroughly enjoy working with this youngest group.

DRAGONS (Ages 5 and 6)

Students at this age, in addition to improving coordination and balance through basic skills, are introduced to slightly more complex self-defense techniques.  This helps improve the student’s ability to learn sequences, which translates into additional benefits, both in training and in life.

For our students at this age who exhibit  great self-discipline and an eagerness to learn, Advanced  Dragon classes keep them challenged through lessons in more advanced martial arts techniques.

JUNIORS (Ages 7 and 11)

The Junior Kempo Karate program takes students through four instruction levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert) that keep them challenged, engaged, excited, and rewarded by their increasing level of proficiency.


Furthermore, our Juniors are given plenty of opportunities to explore other aspects of the martial arts, such as sparring, grappling, and weapons training. This diversity of training not only supports their development but also allows them to discover their interests.


The result is young men and women who are capable and confident martial artists, citizens and leaders.  The lessons learned, physical and mental, carry over into every other aspect of our student's lives. From academics to interpersonal relationships, the benefits are clear to those around them. 

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