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Our Adult Karate program is built on three pillars: physical fitness, mental focus, and inner calm, and the development of effective fighting skills.

  1. Physical Fitness - we provide engaging physical training through our classes and curriculum

  2. Mental Focus - our training methods help foster mental strength that carries over to both professional and personal life

  3. Inner Calm - through the combination of the mental and physical benefits of our martial arts training, our students are more at peace amid the challenges of the world

As a fighting style, Shaolin Kempo combines fast and powerful strikes, impenetrable blocks, joint locks, pressure points, sweeps, and throws. It is a comprehensive martial arts system and we are confident in both the effectiveness and enjoyment.

As a workout regimen, our program is designed to burn fat, develop lean muscle tone, strength, and stamina, Our students often experience positive changes to their body composition as a result of their training.

And through the "art" side of this martial art, our students learn focus, mindfulness, and calm even in stressful situations.  The result is a greater sense of well-being and confidence no matter what challenges life throws at us.

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