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     All Tokyo Joe’s students are expected to be in clean uniform for all classes.

     For Kickboxing students, the required uniform is black kickboxing pants, or Dojo shorts, and either a Dojo tee shirt or tank top.

     For Kempo students, full ghi is always appropriate and sometimes mandatory.  For special occasions like promotions, or a visit from a guest teacher, all students are expected to wear a full ghi.  For most day-to-day classes, students have the option of wearing a Tokyo Joe’s tee-shirt instead of a ghi top.  Tokyo Joe’s shorts are also allowed in place of ghi pants.



     From White Belt through Orange Belt, Kempo students are only allowed to wear a white ghi in the traditional wrap cut.  After purple belt, students may wear colored ghi’s.  At Purple Belt, students are also allowed to wear pullover ghi tops if they prefer.



     Upon reaching Purple Belt, Kempo students must have a Tokyo Joe’s school patch, and an American flag patch on their ghi.  The school patch is worn on the left breast, the flag patch on the left upper arm.



     A guide to tying your belt can be found here.

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