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Simple But Effective Techniques and Strategies
for Surviving Predators

     We at The Dojo have made it our mission to help build safer communities.  To that end, we offer a free* Women’s Self Defense
seminar by appointment.

     This fun and engaging workshop teaches simple but effective
self-defense to the non-martial artist.  Participants learn how and
where to deliver powerful strikes with their hands, feet, elbows and knees; as well as escapes from various grabs.  This new-found knowledge is put to the test as students fend off “attacks” from a Dojo instructor wearing a protective Red Man ™ suit.  The ultimate goal is to get each participant to “let the tiger out of the cage” and unleash every weapon they have available to them to stun or disable a predator and make their escape.  Participants leave our seminars with a new sense of awareness, empowerment and confidence.

     Our Women’s Self Defense seminars are by appointment for six or more women ages 13 and up.  We also do Mother/Daughter self-defense classes!  Schedule  yours at 978-499-8800.

*A $20 donation to the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center is greatly appreciated.

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