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Thursdays 6:15 - 7:30 pm
September 22 - October 6


The Sensei is a guide to others who travel the path to growth and excellence that the Sensei themselves has traveled.  With wisdom and experience, skill and knowledge, and kindness and compassion, the Sensei helps their students find their way up every peak and through every valley.

"Sensei" : "One who has come before"

The Dojo's Instructor's Course is designed to help each student become a Sensei.


Based on decades of martial arts teaching experience, as well as the Firefighter Instruction curriculum of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy, this participation-heavy class will prepare martial artists mentally, physically and emotionally to bring out the best in others.

Subjects include:

  • Skills and Attributes: the development of an expert martial artist.

  • The five laws of learning and how they apply – perfectly! – to martial arts instruction.

  • The Pizza Principle, Mirroring and other tricks up a Sensei's sleeve.

  • How to structure a class for any age group and any skill level.

  • Following The Plan while Thinking on Your Feet – and vice versa.

  • Reaching students with learning challenges.

  • Controlling the chaos: how to keep order on the mat while still keeping your students spirited.

  • Becoming confident with one's self and comfortable in the spotlight.

This three-week seminar is free, but graduates will be expected to put in 20 hours of Dojo instruction over the next six months.

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