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Our STORM members are young students dedicated to their martial arts, to their Dojo, and to helping others reach their full potential.  STORM members assist with classes as well as special events, along the way developing vital leadership skills they can use in every aspect of their lives.  It is also the path to take for those Dojo members who have an interest in becoming instructors; past STORM members include Shihan Henry, Sensei Zach, Sensei Erin, Sensei Tatum and Sensei Cal.  

STORM Requirements:

  • Must be between age 10 to 15 (Members ages 16 and up are eligible for the instructors' course).

  • Must be ranked High Blue Belt or higher

  • Must stay current on all Karate skills

  • Must exhibit good citizenship in class

  • Must maintain good grades outside of class

  • Must be available to help with one class a week, while attending at least two classes a week.

  • Must be willing to work outside of their comfort zone.


The Dojo's STORM Leadership Class is the first step towards becoming a member of this elite and dynamic team.  Particpants discuss various leadership principals and concepts and through drills and role-playing practice the skills they will need to succeed in helping others achieve their own success.  Those concepts and skills include:

  • Creating a dynamic learning environment

  • Developing a "command presence" 

  • Understanding various learning styles

  • Breaking down complex techniques into easily-digestible parts

  • Mastering the skill of constructive criticism

  • Inspiring others to be their best

  • "Mirroring" and other teaching tricks

Upon completion of the course and all related course work, students will be assigned a class to assist with each week, beginning with small leadership roles and taking larger and larger responsibilities as their skills and confidence grow.  Instruction and development continues with STORM classes on the first Monday of each month.  

Next Class: Mondays, February 5, 12 and 26
6:00 - 6:45

Space is limited. 
Applications are due by the end of day Friday, January 26.

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