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Defining "Warrior"

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

We hear the term ‘warrior’ a lot in our Dojo. I even teach a class called ‘Young Women Warriors’. I always thought I knew what a warrior was, and I even had a picture in my head of what oen should look like. The term itself intrigued me, and it inspired me to take a deeper dive into the meaning of a true warrior. So here's my working definition:

“Warrior: Someone who has the ability and will to fight to protect himself, his family, his friends, and his ideals…. and who seeks the perfection of his own character through a life lived with honor, integrity, and a dedication to what is right.” Yes...this was a mouthful, but for many years now, this has come to be what I believe a true warrior represents. Let me be clear: 'Seeks the perfection of...' does not mean to be perfect. It means; to seek to improve always endeavor to learn and grow. It is true that a warrior should be skilled in the art of combat. But that's only a part of it. Character training is crucial. If a warrior can't identify right from wrong, he’ll have no idea what to fight for. A true warrior is able to hold his head high because he lives with honor and integrity. Being a true warrior involves balance. A warrior strives for excellence in every part of his life….not just physically, but spiritually and mentally as well.

Sensei Lisa's first BB Test in November, 2017

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